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  • What age do you accept?
    We accept children from age 5 to 12
  • How do I order tickets?
    All tickets can be purchased online from
  • How much does it cost?
    9-3 costs £16 and 8:30-5:30 costs £22.
  • What should children wear?
    Children should wear sportswear for the gym. Some of the activities are outside dependent on weather and time of year, therefore a change of clothing is also advised. Hair should be tied up and no jewellery should be worn. Socks are required for the trampolines.
  • What should my child bring?
    A packed lunch or money for the cafe (hot meal costs £4) Snacks (or money for the cafe) A refillable, labelled water bottle Sun protection on sunnier days A coat (weather-dependent)
  • What activities will my child participate in?
    Cube Camp is very varied and activities include but are not limited to: Gymnastics Trampolining Baking Arts & crafts Team games Indoor sports Games room Princess Room
  • What should we do on arrival?
    Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to the session booked. Someone from The Cube will escort your child into The Cube, we ask that parents remain outside at all times for safeguarding reasons.
  • What should we do on collection?
    A member of staff will escort your child outside for handover. If you plan to collect your child early, please call the number on the door and a member of staff will escort your child out. Please inform us should you be late.
  • Can I check that my child is okay?
    Yes, you can call The Cube on 02476 014000
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